Texas EPC firm awards Orbital Gas Systems with $3.3M worth order

CUI Global has reportedly announced that its subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems has been granted purchase orders worth $3.3 million for integration projects from a Texas based EPC firm in Q4 2018. The purchase orders comprise custom analytical integration systems for 2 new fractional units. Orbital Gas Systems will apparently provide the analysis systems for the EPA monitoring of each unit and online analysis systems for process control of the new fractionation units.

Reportedly, Orbital Gas Systems had been working on integration projects with the EPC firm and its key customer for the past several years and the scope of work had surged with each fractionation unit that had been built. On request from its key customer, Orbital increased its service capabilities, to include the commissioning of formerly installed analytical systems on the same site – a service Orbital plans to expand to the future fractionation units. The current project from Orbital for this key customer would include a detailed design, comprehensive engineering, fabrication of approved designs, and field commissioning assistance.

Nicholas Clough, Business Development Lead and President, Energy Division, was reportedly quoted stating that this order with their key customer would help secure the analytical content of 3 additional units which was in the concept stage. This would probably result in orders for the next two years. Clough added that additional purchase orders including VE Technology sample probes and systems are expected in the first quarter of 2019.

William Clough, Global President and CEO, CUI, was reportedly quoted stating that the company has been witnessing an upsurge in integration projects, in and around Southeast Texas, essentially driven by the firm’s rising reputation in engineering and design expertise as well as excellence, positioning Orbital as the primary solutions provider for energy magnates. The purchase orders undeniably, are an outcome of the rising reputation, and the Houston facility is perfectly located to capitalize on unique projects that these firms will undertake in the years to come, he elaborates.