Automotive industry leader chooses Veoneer to develop camera systems

Veoneer, a spinoff of Autoliv, the world leader in automotive safety systems, announced that it has been selected by one of the most notable companies in the automotive industry, to develop and produce mono vision cameras for enhanced automobile safety systems. Incidentally, Veoneer is the electronics business of Autoliv and anticipated to emerge as one of the latest and most experienced technology corporations of the automotive industry.

Veoneer will be developing mono vision camera software, algorithm and hardware which are expected to be designed to exceed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) standards for five-star safety ratings. According to automotive industry experts, Veoneer is the only supplier that will be able to meet market standards and achieve a five-star rating with in-house detection algorithms, hardware and software for a mono vison camera.

The mono vision camera that will be developed by Veoneer is expected to be the best in its class for driving assistance such as forward collision warning, pedestrian detection and lane departure warning system. It is estimated that Veoneer will be making its mono vision camera available to customers from 2022. Veoneer has already demonstrated its manufacturing proficiency and capability in developing vision cameras that are leading the market not only because of their product quality but also their exceptional accuracy in animal detection, pedestrian detection and oncoming vehicle warning system.

Jan Carlson, President and CEO of Autoliv, was reported to have said in a statement that Autoliv has been honored as Veoneer has been selected as a reliable partner to design and develop mono vision camera systems. He added that Veoneer has made incredible progress in developing a mono vision system that can be deemed as the best of its class.

Analysts claim that ten years of algorithm expertise along with the pursuit to make roads safer and to reduce accidents have fueled Veoneer’s aspiration to develop technologically advanced camera systems for the automotive industry.