Baby Born On Cebu Pacific Flight Gets One Million Air miles Search

After being born four hours into a flight from Dubai to Manila, baby girl Haven has been gifted one million air mile points.

As reported by CNN, aven’s mom went into labor more than five weeks early while flying on an aircraft operated by Philippines carrier Cebu Pacific on August 14.

Two nurses among the plane’s passengers helped with the delivery alongside cabin crew as the pilot diverted to Hyderabad, India to seek further medical assistance.

The budget airline said it’s the first time a baby has been born on one of its aircraft.

Airline CEO Lance Gokongwei said Haven would be awarded one million points on the airline’s GetGo rewards program to celebrate the birth. The points have no expiry date and can be shared with her family.

Cebu Pacific one million air miles ‘Normal’ flight

“We are happy that both mother and daughter are doing well, and would like to commend our flight and cabin crew for handling the situation with utmost professionalism and efficiency,” he said. “We also express our sincerest gratitude to the two volunteer nurses who helped ensure the baby’s safe delivery.”

Fellow passenger Missy Umandal, who was seated near Haven’s mother, wrote on Facebook: “We only heard one semi-loud screech, and a few seconds later there were tinier, cute screeches, and it was then we knew the baby was born.

Haven’s arrival, according to Umandal, delayed the flight’s arrival at its destination by nearly nine hours.

“But no complaints,” she added. “Everyone in that plane was blessed.”

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