BAT, TAP Network partner to allow token redemption across major brands

Brave Browser, a Chrome Browser-based open source website browser, has recently announced an collaboration with the blockchain-based data and advertising platform, TAP Network, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, this partnership marks a crucial milestone for Brave and its Basic Attention Token [BAT], as it would enable users to redeem the token over 250,000+ brand partners in the ecosystem of TAP Network in the upcoming months. Apparently, notable market players in TAP Network’s ecosystem that could now be accessed by Brave token holders included Uber, Starbucks, Apple and Amazon.

Users with this token could allegedly redeem those for rewards, that could be later utilized in exchange for goods and services, substantially enhancing the browser and its token’s adoption, as well as the cryptocurrency space as a whole. The company’s official blog states that this partnership is the first for integrating token utility redemption via Brave browser, as a part of its worldwide private ad platform.

Sources mentioned that once the partnership is live, one would earn BAT tokens by browsing the web through Brave browser, and one could pay their restaurant bill, train ticket or hotel room from the TAP network using the BAT acquired.

Further from the sources, users of Brave could redeem their tokens for gift cards on platforms of major brands. Also, they could redeem their tokens in hotels around the world for exclusive entertainment experience and restaurant vouchers, via the TAP Network.

Excluding this, the users of Brave could also take part in a non-profit organization as they would be able to contribute to the organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and World Wildlife Fund with their BAT tokens. As per the announcement, the next step of this partnership is to include mobile platforms by the end of 2019.