Bigfoot photobomb Michigan eagle cam

Bigfoot Michigan photo goes viral

There is finally definitive proof that Bigfoot is real? OK maybe not, but northern Michigan eagle camera captured an interesting image.
The camera is fixed above a bald eagle nest at the Platte River State Fish Hatchery near Beulah, and CarbonTV provides a live feed online of what’s going on in the nest.
Normally, viewers relax while watching the daily activities of the two little eaglets. But some were left stunned after watching a recent video, which was posted on September 15, that apparently caught something by accident.

Could it be really be Bigfoot?
CarbonTV says the “unknown figure” was captured on the camera walking through the woods beneath the nest, which is about 85 or 100 feet off the ground. The dark-colored figure appears on the right side of the camera frame and walks upright on two legs. But because the camera is so far away, details such as the actual size of the figure are impossible to determine.
At this point, there’s no evidence to suggest the figure is actually Bigfoot — but then again, there’s no evidence showing that it’s not, either.

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