Camp Illness Outbreak At Christie Lake Kids Camp

An outbreak of a flu like illness happened recently at Christie Lake Kids Camp in the Ottawa area in Ontario, Canada. 120 people are being sent home after less than two weeks at camp. They were at camp starting July 3rd and tragically ending Wednesday. 20 campers and 10 staff had to be hospitalized in a 24 hour period because of severe dehydration and gastrointestinal illness. The cause of this illness is not known at this time but it is being looked into by the Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.

Christie Lake Kids Camp was founded in 1922. This camp is for 9-12 year olds and the camps objective is to build physical and social character skills for children of economically challenged families. At Christie Lake Kids Camp children learn swimming, ecology, arts and crafts and take extended, and sometimes overnight, canoe trips

Everyone at Christie Lake Kids Camp is very disappointed that the kids had to leave the camp early. The camp is working on providing other experiences and summer time fun for the kids who had to be sent home early.

However after Christie Lake Kids Camp has been thoroughly cleaned and the children have time to recover the camp is set to reopen for a second round on July 18th.

Summer camp closes after stomach bug strikes dozens

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