Camping Survival Gears for Outdoor Adventure

Surviving out in the wilderness is not as difficult as it once was, thanks to technology. Now, you don’t have to rub two stones to create fire and survive. If you are planning a great outdoor adventure, below is a list of some of the best camping survival gears to help you get out of the wilderness alive.


Swedish Army’s Firesteel

What do you do when you are stranded in a forest and your energy is already running low? You start up fire, take a quick rest and cook food. However, in situations like this, creating fire can take up too much time and energy.

Fortunately, Swedish Army has designed Firesteel specifically for your camping needs. Starting up a spark at as high as 3,000 degrees Celsius, Swedish Army’s Firesteel helps you keep the fire sparkling even if you are camping under wet conditions.

Lasting for up to 12,000 strikes, Firesteel comes at a very low price. More importantly, the International Survival Instructors Association highly recognizes this gadget, making it one of the best camping survival gears to date.

LED Solar Wind-Up Torch

A wind-up torch is a highly essential survival gadget. However, slow charging times and a low battery life can further heighten your anxiety when you are in an emergency situation.

Windproof and waterproof, Power Plus Barracuda’s wind-up torch is perfect for every camper. Since it is equipped with a solar panel, you can charge it anytime. Positioning it under direct sunlight for 1 hour can give you 120 minutes of LED lighting.

LifeStraw Water Filter

LifeStraw’s highly innovative survival gadget is simple, timely and cost-efficient. Basically, the water filter enables you to drink directly from  ponds and puddles, minus the risk for contamination and infection.

Hailed as Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year, LifeStraw Water Filter is ideal for regular trekkers and hard-core campers. Its microbiological filtering mechanism gets rid of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Camping survival gears are always a necessity, especially since anything can happen when you are out in the wilderness. Offering you comfort and convenience, these gadgets can keep your camping blues at bay.

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