Minimalist Camping: A Guide to Packing Light

With endless adventures lurking around the hiking trails, there is no denying that camping is a blissful experience. However, if you need to carry a pile of bags and hiking tools, your get-away can fall short from becoming relaxing. To keep the excess weight off your shoulders, we have prepared some of the best minimalist camping tips to keep your camping blues at bay.

minimlast camping

Tip 1: Don’t Pack Extra

Going on a camping trip is far from booking a trip to Milan or Paris. When packing your clothes, plan your outfits for the entire duration of the trip and make sure you are adding just 1 extra shirt. For instance, if you are camping for 4 days, pack 5 shirts. The same principle applies when you are packing your undies.

Additionally, limit yourself to wearing 1 pair of bottoms for 2 days. If you don’t mind wearing 1 set of pajamas for a couple of days, do so. Remember, the lesser your clothes are, the lighter your load will be.

Tip 2: Prepare One-Dish Meals

Packing camping meals is important, but don’t overdo it. Since you are going to explore unknown trails, prepare one-dish meals so you won’t have to carry a lot of items. Again, minimalist camping is all about sticking to the necessities.

As an additional tip, tightly secure your food items especially when you are resting on camping sites. Food attracts bears, and well, bears attract trouble.

Tip 3: Go Gearless

If you are camping on an unexplored site, skip the activities that require you to bring your own paraphernalia. Instead, focus on enjoying the vicinity and take advantage of what the camping site has to offer. Take photos of majestic views, take a plunge on local diving sites and spot wildlife. It’s not every day that you get to experience a new place.

Tip 4: Lastly, Simplicity is Always Beauty

Camping out on unknown trails is an opportunity for you to leave all the luxury behind and enjoy the traditional way of life. When packing for a trip like this, remember that nothing beats minimalism. Leave the inflatable mattress and the headlamps at home. After all, the beauty of camping lies behind its simplicity.




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