Keep The Body Warmth at Night While Camping

For achieving comfort during sleeping in a tent, it is highly important to find a good sleeping bag which will enable you to keep your body warmth at night and will reduce the heat loss. Beside the good sleeping bag design, there are a few things you can do to help your body maintain the necessary body heat.

A good sleep is needed in order to gain both mental and physical rest. But if you’re feeling chilly at night you won’t get enough sleep and you’ll be feeling restless in the morning. Read this 3 tips on how to get a good sleep while on camping.

An average human loses about 25% of its heat through respiration and evaporation through the skin while sleeping or resting. And the huge amount of heat is lost due to the thermal conduction or heat transfer between objects of differing temperatures. That results in heat transfer from higher energy object to the lower object. In this case, your body is the warmer object and it transfers its heat to environments such as air and ground.

Staying warm in a sleeping bag is all about heating the air in the bag, and keeping that warm air inside your sleeping bag as long as it’s possible. The air is a poor energy conductor, so the more air that can be trapped around the body the heat loss will be reduced better.

Sleeping bag – heat insulator

A good sleeping bag should reduce thermal conduction. It should be made of proper insulator materials such as goose or duck feathers, wool, and animal fur, or made of synthetic materials such as polarguard, thermolite and hollofil. Also, the thicker your bag, the more heat it will keep. But make sure your bag is not too stiff and that has a good breathability, otherwise, it will create a moisture micro-environment inside the bag.

Sleeping pad – camping must-have

Another essential piece of sleeping gear is a sleeping pad that reduces heat loss through the ground. a sleeping pad is an insulator between you and the cold ground which usually takes the huge amount of your body warmth. This is why the sleeping pad is a camping must-have.

body warmth

A good sleeping pad is an essential item on camping for maintaining your body warmth at night

Exercise before sleep

With a little exercise before sleeping, you can gain a lot of body warmth before you get in the bag. Do some jumping jacks or crouches before sleeping – it will provide you a few warm hours.

Avoid sleeping with wet clothes

Don’t sleep with wet clothes! Wet clothes will increase the amount of moisture inside the bag.

Avoid breathing inside the bag

Try not to breathe inside your bag. Breathing inside the bag creates a moisture environment, just as the wet clothes do. The best option is to find the bag which can be cinched around your neck so it traps the warm air in all night. Zip up the bag as much as you can to retain the warm air.

Avoid eating before sleep

Don’t eat right before bedtime. This causes a slight drop in body temperature because your body is metabolizing.