China reaches out to Canada to stop illegal cannabis imports

In the move to curb the import of illegal marijuana in the country, the Chinese government has sought the help of the Canadian administration. Reportedly, the issue had been raised by China during the ongoing discussions between the two nations pertaining to the secret imports of opioids into Canada. As per sources, an overdose of these drugs had led to an increased number of deaths.

If reports are to be believed, the federal authorities in Canada have been undertaking tremendous efforts to combat the opioid menace by taking the help of various professional agencies. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police & the Canada Border Services Agency have been cooperating with the Chinese law enforcing agencies to control the rising cases of drug trafficking in the Asian country through stringent vigilance.

As per the Canadian officials, the government of China is renowned for taking a strong stand to fight the illegal drug traffic and also supporting the global community to control the rapid growth of criminal activities across the globe. Statistics Canada has unleashed that last year nearly USD 1.2 billion worth of cannabis, which is approximately 20% of the country’s overall production, was exported illegally to other countries.

The first half of 2017 apparently witnessed a meeting of the deputy ministers of both the countries. According to the federal note made public under the Access to Information Act, the superpower wants Canada to check the flow of illegal drug export to China. The memorandum also stated that the Asian country intends to collaborate with Canada to sort out the cannabis issue.

Andrew Gowing, a spokesperson for Public Safety Canada, has stated that cannabis export will be deemed illegal even post the approval of the bill for use of recreational cannabis in the country. He has further added that the country’s authorities have ensured that the law enforcing agencies possess the necessary resources & tools to strictly control the illegal drug exports.