Car Camping Checklist: Everything You Will Need



There is something magical about embarking on a trip into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on your back and a well-stocked backpack. Back-country hiking is a wonderful way to commune with nature and get in touch with your wild side, but it may not be possible with a couple of kids in tow.

If you love to camp and hike but have a family to think about, you might want to think about car camping. Car camping can give you the same sense of fun and adventure, but with a touch of comfort. Car camping is a great way to introduce reluctant spouses and young children to the joys of camping, especially if you prepare carefully for your first adventure.

Whether you are camping with a couple of kids or just hitting the trails with your significant other, you can use this handy checklist to make sure your first trip is a fun and successful one.

Full Checklist 

Camping gear

Clothing and Footwear

It can get cold during the night so make sure you bring appropriate clothing.


There is nothing like enjoying a home-cooked meal over a roaring fire. Be sure to pack these essential items in your car so you can enjoy some true campground cooking. Here you can find a list of some must-have items you need to bring on your camping trip.

Personal Items

One of the best things about car camping is that you can bring along some of the comforts of home. Some modern campgrounds even have heated bathrooms and electricity. Here are some of the comfort and personal hygiene items that belong in your camping car.

Other Items

Safety First

No one wants to get hurt while camping, but it is important to be prepared. Here are some essential safety items every car camper needs.

Car camping can be a lot of fun, especially for families with young children. You still get to enjoy the beauty of nature and introduce the kids to the wonders of the wilderness. At the same time, you have the comfort and security of a campground and help from other campers when you need it. If you pack properly and bring along everything you need, you can create a new family tradition with your first car camping adventure.

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