CFIA recalls certain farm raised Pacific oysters

Federal health officials have recently recalled certain Pacific oysters, that are basically farm-raised, due to marine biotoxin, which is claimed to cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP). Reportedly, the oysters that received the recall declaration are mainly produced by two of the renowned firms in Richmond, B.C. namely Union Bay Seafood Ltd. and Albion Farms and Fisheries Ltd. As reported by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the products had been sold across British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, however some other reliable sources also claim that these products might have been distributed in other territories and provinces as well.Allegedly, Paralytic shellfish toxin is a cluster of natural toxins that often gets accumulated in bivalve shellfish like scallops, cockles, clams, oysters, and mussels. While Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning is generally quite common in bivalve shellfish, sometimes non-bivalve shellfish like whelks also accumulate PSP toxins, cite experts. If PSP toxin based oysters are consumed, these toxins can lead to hazardous impact on health. As per reliable sources, some of the most prevailing symptoms of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning include a complete loss of sensation in the tongue, lips, hands, & feet. In addition, experts claim that PSP toxin oysters, in severe situations can even lead to muscle paralysis, difficulty in walking, respiratory paralysis and in worst case scenarios, even death.

Reportedly, the recall process has been stimulated by the CFIA test results. In fact, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is undertaking various food safety investigation programs, which might lead to recalling of other food products as well, cite experts. As far as the recall related to farm-raised Pacific oysters is concerned, the CFIA is intent on ensuring that the selected products mark their exit as soon as possible from the food industry.

It has been also reported that so far, there has been no record of illness linked with the consumption of these oysters.