How to charge mobile without electricity

Have you ever thought of an alternative way of charging mobile without electricity?

May be yes or may be not. But it doesn’t matter at all. Today if you learn anything that will never defeat you in future.
Suppose one day you go somewhere but there is no charge in your mobile. What will you do?

Here are some tips for you that can be very useful for you.

Pencil Battery

Such pencil bettery can be bought in all places today, you will show such a circuit

With three pencils, you can easily charge any mobile phone.Now let’s see the circuit







Hopefully, everyone understands the better Connection in the picture. If you think the connection is difficult, then buy a pencil beater’s plastic case to see the picture below.

Pencil Battery Case

If you buy a plastic case, you can easily make charities

Here’s what you need –



  1. Three pencil batteries
  2. Jack pin for mobile charging
  3. Pencil battery case
  4. Around one yard of wire.

Here is another way. In this way what you will need are

9v Battery


  1. A 9v battery
  2. a AN 7806 IC regulator
  3. Normal rectifier diode
  4. one 100mf / 16v electrical capacitor
  5. a charging jack pin

In this way, you will get your handmade charger. You can also buy this kind of cable





This is a multi charger. You will buy as you like.