Clean the Ocean While You Swim

The need for cleaner oceans is undeniable. What if there was a way to clean them and yet still have fun? Engineers are working on a way to rid the ocean of pollutants while you swim. The use of 3D printing technology and a reusable, sponge-like material have been united to produce a bikini capable of absorbing pollutants (Carlin, 2015).

Engineer Mihri Ozkan states, “This is a super material that is not harmful to the environment and very cost effective to produce” (Acosta, 2015). The super material is formulated from heated sucrose (a kind of sugar) that resists water while retaining pollutants (Acosta, 2015). With every stroke, it absorbs detrimental substances up to 20 times its size and can be re-used (Carlin, 2015). The unique characteristics are so effective, they may be combined with other common items such as paint on airplanes or satellites. Currently, there are plans to create other swimsuits, swimming caps, and wet suits (Acosta, 2015).

With the bikini’s “net-like cage that forms to the body” and first place victory in the “Reshape 15 Wearable Technology” competition, this bikini is both fashionable and functional (Riley, 2015). This pro-environment bikini will be in high demand.

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