Norwegian Air to commence domestic flight services from June 2018

Amidst extensive changes witnessed across the global aviation industry, the Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, a low-cost airline based in Scandinavia, is anticipated to commence its domestic flying operations in June next year after receiving approval from the Norwegian government for its 152 routes. According to sources, the airline is expected to provide employment to 300 pilots along with 800 officials & cabin assistants over the next two years for its domestic airline services. A key official of the airline stated that the country will have nearly ten to fifteen aircrafts operating across the region next year.

It has also been learnt that one of the subsidiaries of the airlines will make its first international flight from London in the UK to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Authentic sources cite that the flight is forecast to be scheduled nearly four times in a week between the two countries. According to the Director of Communications & Public Affairs, the airline will charge minimum air travel fares based on the regional tariff rules. Industry analysts have predicted that the tariff deregulation will extensively help promote tourism activities across Argentina.

Experts have claimed that the decision of the transportation ministry to approve 72 cabotage and 80 international routes will attract new players towards the aviation industry and almost double the number of travelers over the coming four years in the country. Market analysts believe that the government’s approval is likely to encourage competition among the players resulting in effective air connectivity that would eventually lead to the development of new businesses across the region.

As per key officials, the airline will operate Boeing 737-800, the first aircraft of the regional branch, for its local flights in January next year. Reports have claimed that in the second half of the next year, the firm will be offering international flights to its passengers through the induction of Avion Boeing 787 DL jets.