Strongest signal ever recorded from outer space.

Scientists have discovered the strongest rapid radio blast (FRB) ever – an intensely amazing blast of radiation emanating from outside our own Milky Way galaxy.

“Some are found by accident when two explosions appear exactly the same. This new explosion – called FRB 150807 – is only the 18th since they were first found in 2001 FRB found to date.
But despite this obvious rarity, scientists really believe these brief although intensely strong occurrences are occurring all the time – we simply do not see them. Among the problems with finding FRBs is how fast they flash, making it hard for telescopes discovering substantial parts of the heavens where the bursts originate to nail.

But the extreme luminosity of FRB 150807 made it more easy to help trace the likely sources – it also gave scientists new clues about the intergalactic matter.

“This unique FRB is the first found to date to include in-depth information regarding the cosmic internet – regarded as the fabric of the Universe,” says Shannon.
But it can also be unique because its journey route can be re-built into a exact line of sight and back to a place of space about a billion light years away that comprises just a few potential house galaxies.”

When FRBs go through space, they pass through a scope of matter – ionised particles, including gases, and magnetic fields – that may distort the radio wave on its course. But FRB 150807 – which was found using the CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory in Australia – seemed to just be distorted, which implies that magnetic fields through the cosmic internet and the space debris are less turbulent compared to the other and gas stuff in the Milky Way.

As a result of the brightness of the sign, the team triangulated its source into a little smattering of galaxies called VHS7.

This galaxy is believed to be situated between 3.2 and 6.5 billion light years away, although the researchers admit that they can not be 100 percent sure that this is where the FRB hails from.
While there is still a lot we do not understand about these extreme radio waves, FRB 150807’s more powerful-than-normal sign at least should have cleared up any longstanding uncertainties as to whether FRBs really emanate from outside the Milky Way – some scientists believed the signs could be described by phenomena happening inside our own galaxy.

And while we have still got our fair share of questions about what what is really creating them and what these FRBs are this new data gives us our clearest image yet of these insanely strong micro-occasions.

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