MIT Researchers Create Workout Clothes that Cool the Sweaty Body

Science is doing a lot of wonders in our everyday life. Since creation, Humans are busy in inventions to ease their lives. Microorganisms are the key field of studies. In most of the inventions, they seem playing a vital role. Yesterday, news of creation of workout clothes published in journal ‘Science Advances’. All the humans are amazed at this wonderful invention. MIT researchers have created a shirt which operates under the principle of heat and sweat. They have created a prototype of a wearable that has ventilation flaps on the back. These flaps pop up and open when there is moist.

When a player or any person doing some tough job wears this shirt the sweetening occurs. This sweetening relaxes the bacteria present in these flaps and they shrink. This shrinking of bacteria tends to open the flaps. The air from the atmosphere flows in the flaps and cools the body. They are conducting experiments on this wearable. Wen Wang, who is a team lead, had experienced all this by herself. She wore this shirt while cycling or exercising. She says that when her body sweetened, these flaps pop ups opened. The fresh air rushed into these flaps and I felt like an air conditioner cooling my back.

The researchers have used bacteria for this purpose. They have also made it clear that not only bacteria can do this but there are Pine cones which also have same properties. This project is going in the name of biologic. Researchers are busy day and night in increasing the scope of this shirt. They have not given any time frame about the availability of the shirt in the world market. But, one thing is sure that its launch is near.

Researchers have used E.coli which has the properties of expansion and contraction. The flaps are coated by this E.coli on both sides. When these flaps feel moisture, the E.coli contracts or shrinks. This tends to open the flaps and cool down the body. Thanks to MIT researchers because they have told another benefit of bacteria. Many people think these very harmful, but their benefits out pass their harmfulness.

If seen outwardly, it looks like winter wearable with zips to open and exchange the heat. The only difference is the automatic opening of these flaps. It works under the principle of ‘heat and sweat’. Most people consider these two terms as the same. But, there are a lot of differences between these two. There are many parts of the body which has a lot of heat but does not sweat. Also, some parts of body sweat without having heat. The working of this biologic shirt takes place only through sweetening process.