Justin Bieber Is Going Backpacking

TORONTO – Justin Bieber is reportedly planning to take leave of his career to go backpacking.

The 22-year-old singer is schedule of travel with just a backpack after his world tour ends.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Justin has been really feeling the pressure in the last few weeks. He still loves performing for his fans and creating, but this tour has been a little like a pressure cooker. He’s already stopped meet and greets and pictures with fans but he is still feeling stifled.

The ‘Love Yourself’ singer that had the idea to visit several cities and exotic places as a backpacker to get away for awhile. The difference with backpackers that normally regulate the cost of taste, Bieber had an unlimited budget considering the status of the multi-millionaire.

“He has talked about getting away from it all, seeing the wider world and relaxing. The idea is for him to travel the world seeing some of the greatest cities and exotic places around like a backpacker would. But obviously with an unlimited budget of a multi-millionaire.”

The news comes after Bieber was recently involved in a row with an an autograph hunter in Cleveland, Ohio.

He argued and fraught with a man identified as Lamont Richmond, after refusing to give a photograph and signature.

Previously, Bieber had announced her would not meet fans and a group photo. He hopes people can understand these choices. “I have reached the point where people meet not even say hi or consider me a human being. I feel like an animal in a zoo, and I want to keep my sanity,” said Bieber.

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