DuPont-Sumitomo deal to stimulate crop protection insecticides market

Sumitomo Chemical Company and DuPont, two of top-notch bulk and specialty chemicals market giants have recently inked a crop protection collaborative agreement for the development, commercialization, and registration of crop seed protection products. Allegedly, the global agreement would leverage the strength of both Sumitomo Chemical and DuPont. Through this collaborative approach, say experts, there would be a spurt of lucrative opportunities for both these crop protection insecticides industry players to analyse cutting-edge technologies together at a much earlier stage.

It has been further reported that in effect of the recent merger, DowDuPont is planning to offshoot its agricultural operations into a separate company based in the state of Delaware. For the record, prior to the deal, DuPont had sold some of its crop protection operations due to antitrust reasons. This early stage collaboration would accelerate the commercialization of higher performance seed-applied crop protection products in future, with a better understanding of the complementary characteristics of numerous product combinations, revealed sources.

For the uninitiated, Japan-based Sumitomo Chemical has already made a profound investment in rhizosphere technology-based research to enhance the early stage plant development through innovative biological and chemical agrosolutions. Combining the portfolio with DuPont would enable the company to have a better access to its advanced seed technology, cite sources. In addition, it has been reported that when these technologies are evaluated in amalgamation with Sumitomo’s enhancement and seed protection solutions, it would open up new opportunities for major crop growers across the world.

As per experts, the agreement is an exemplary precedent depicting the significance of collaborations in crop protection insecticides industry that companies have been adopting in a bid to bring advanced technology on board for improving the crop productivity. Allegedly, the collaborations between Valent U.S.A. LLC., Sumitomo Chemical’s regional affiliate, and DuPont would mainly focus across the North American belt, providing numerous expansion opportunities for the agro-based market across the globe.