Cura Partners opens Arizona headquarters to expand U.S. operations

Cura Partners, Inc., which is among the biggest marijuana companies globally, has reportedly opened its Arizona headquarters recently in Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently, there are 30 active members in the Arizona office at present, which is expected to increase to 75 employees by the mid of 2019.

Through this move, the company has proved its commitment to bring out the cleanest and safest medical marijuana products to the U.S. and international markets. In October, the corporation had purportedly started to offer its Select Weekender and Elite vape pens to dispensaries, along with offering Select CBD products to a few retail outlets in the state and the dispensaries.

Select is currently operating in four U.S. states, in addition to Arizona, which includes Nevada, California and Oregon, and the expansion to additional U.S. states and internationally is on the horizon. Cameron Forni, President and Chief Executive of Cura, mentioned that the company’s recent expansion to Arizona supports its mission of being a leader in the market space.

Cura would provide Arizona community with the Select products and is looking forward to hiring local residents. General Manager for Cura Arizona, Adam Pressler, said that Cura seeks to work with medical marijuana community of Arizona. The company has found it as being a positive experience for its employees and teams even as it is just starting production in Arizona.

Pressler further stated that in this emerging industry, which is increasing rapidly, the company would be helping to create opportunities for everyone in the medical marijuana community of Arizona. Reliable sources mention that the main focus of the company remains to provide only those products which are top-tier and pesticide-free to the consumers and retailers, as it looks to expand into new markets.

All the products of Select brand are run through full-potency and microbial analysis as well as a full-extended pesticide analysis. This makes the brand the only marijuana firm currently using these strict testing practices in Arizona.