Tacita penetrates North America electric motorcycles & scooters market

Tacita, the renowned Italian electric motorcycle maker, has recently forayed into North America electric motorcycles &scooters industry, with its official launch of cruiser motorcycle christened T-Cruise having an alleged coverage of 168 miles.  The company has managed to offer such a huge mileage coverage by fitting a massive battery pack with a capacity of almost 27 kwh. According to reliable sources, the energy capacity of the newly launched electric bike is even higher than some of the electric cars that are already in the marketplace. Reportedly, the new motorcycle cruiser model has all the features of a conventional American cruiser, except for the fact that that the former is incorporated with electric components in place of usual twin-engine as in the latter. Seemingly, T-Cruise is featured with 30 KW electric motor, which can produce almost 52 lb-ft of torque.With a diversified range of battery options, T-Cruise is deemed to be quite a good fit for North America electric motorcycles & scooters market, cite experts. Apparently, the battery pack will be available in three slots (7.5 kWh, 15kWh, 27.5 kWh) with variations in terms of price and mile coverage: 50 miles – $10,999; 93 miles – $14,999; 168 miles – $27,999, respectively.

Harley Davidson, another popular name in the electric motorcycles & scooters market, has further announced its plan of launching 100 new bikes, including the electric ones, over the coming decade. As per reliable sources, the company may launch an electric cruiser by 2019. However, the production credentials regarding the same are yet to be revealed.

Last month, KTM AG, an Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer, also showcased its flagship product, dubbed Freeride E electric motorbike, at Krone E-Mobility Play Days event in Austria. Reportedly, the product, which is the first fully electric racing bike by KTM, is deemed to remarkably strengthen its market position in electric motorcycles & scooters market, cite experts.<