Researchers to develop e-skin technology for handling virtual objects

An innovative wearable technology referred as e-skin, that apparently helps users to effectively handle virtual objects, is being developed by the researchers at the Germany based Helmholtz-Zentrum-Dresden-Rossendorf Institute for Ion Beam Physics & Materials Research. As per the scientists at the institute, the thin wearable device is created to be integrated with the VR (virtual reality) technologies to offer a seamless interactive experience for end users. Technocrats are of the view that the today’s virtual reality devices, which make use of cameras to monitor the activity, are unable to offer high resolution of the events such as recording subtle finger movements and other nuanced signs, which may be fulfilled through this device.It has been claimed that through the e-skin launch, any minor activity that fingers demonstrate can be detected effortlessly by the wearable technology. Sources state that this new wearable system possesses a major benefit over VR – that of enabling the user to conveniently handle & interact with virtual devices as opposed to facilitating users to merely view virtual objects, as is the case with VR technology. Researchers have further claimed that the e-skin equipment can even help the user with a prosthetic limb to conveniently manage virtual reality systems.

Tech professionals have asserted that while performing high-risk tasks, the application of this new technology along with virtual doors and switches as well as virtual controls can smooth out the operations without the requirement of any physical involvement. As per reports, it is anticipated that the e-skin technology will assist factories in minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries that are caused while handling the explosives.

For the record, a group of researchers working on developing the new wearable device have claimed that this new electronic skin technology will find a plethora of applications in regenerative medicine, robotics, sports, navigation, and gaming sectors.