Facebook-BlackBerry patent infringement legal battle escalates further

Social media giant, Facebook Inc. has reportedly filed a legal complaint against BlackBerry Ltd in the San Francisco federal court for the infringement of its patented technology. As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the social media giant legally accused BlackBerry of stealing its voice messaging technology among many other patents.

For the record, Facebook has highlighted the infringement of six of its technology patents in a 118-page complaint filed in the court and is apparently seeking unspecified damages for the same.

Reliable sources claim that apart from its voice messaging patent, Blackberry has violated Facebook’s patented technology that help enhance the delivery of video, audio via mobile devices as well as the one that helps analyze and track GPS data.

Incidentally, this legal filing by the social networking site is a part of a long-standing battle between Facebook and Blackberry that had made it to the headlines a while back. Prior to this lawsuit, in March 2018, the renowned smartphone manufacturer had sued Facebook in a Los Angeles federal court claiming the encroachment of its mobile messaging patents.

In its complaint, BlackBerry appealed that Facebook used its patented technologies in the company’s messenger service, Instagram, and WhatsApp messenger. Back then, BlackBerry had also stated that Facebook must be legally ordered to stop providing its app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Workplace Chat, as well as its Instagram applications.

Trusted sources claim that no decision has been taken by the court until now with regards to the ongoing legal spat between both the companies.

For the record, the case of Facebook against BlackBerry has been registered as 3:18-cv-05434, in the U.S. District Court, San Francisco.

No spokesperson from either Facebook or Blackberry has so far commented on the ongoing legal patent infringement war, if sources are to be believed.