Facebook acquires anonymous polling app tbh (To Be Honest)

The globally renowned gargantuan social media monster, Facebook has purchased the anonymous polling application, tbh, which is popular among teens. This application apparently allows users to answer multiple choice questions about their friends, while choosing to remain totally anonymous. As per reports, To Be Honest (tbh) app will work in tandem with Facebook, as opposed to the photo sharing application Instagram. For the record, in the recent nine weeks, tbh had successfully gathered over 5 million users, who have sent beyond one billion messages. At present, it is available only for iPhone users in some states of U.S.

Facebook narrator Vanessa Chan was quoted stating that the common goal of both the firms to build communities and enable people to share, has brought them together. She also added that this acquisition would turn out to be resourceful for tbh to build positive experiences.

As a part of this acquisition, four co-founders of tbh, namely, Bier, Nicolas Ducdodon, Kyle Zaragoza, and Erik Hazzard will join Facebook’s headquarters to continue their research related to the app. The financial terms of this agreement were not disclosed yet, but the tbh team will obtain Facebook’s localization, moderation, anti-spam, engineering, and cash resources. Reports also state that tbh founders would now become formal employees of Facebook, with its email addresses.

As per experts, it is quite interesting to note that Facebook decided to acquire the To Be Honest (tbh) app rather than replicate it, as recently the company cloned Houseparty, one of the many hit teen apps. Besides, Instagram, having gained mass popularity, is also one of the clone applications of Facebook, which possibly led experts to analyze why FB preferred to buy tbh rather than clone it.

Despite being active only across selected states of U.S., a leading app analyst firm estimated that the tbh app has been installed over 700,000 times in September 2017.  In addition, this app also has achieved the top position in the free download chart of Apple’s app store the last month. tbh’s purchase, undoubtedly, has helped Facebook add another social networking application in its kitty against Snapchat.