Electronics & media industry giant Apple faces lawsuits in Russia

The latest news unfolding in the electronics and media industry is that of Apple, the United States based tech giant, facing a barrage of lawsuits in Russia. As per authentic sources, a large number of iPhone owners from Russia are planning to file dozens of lawsuits against Apple after the firm admitted to having reduced the processing speed of older phones.

Apparently, the first batch of lawsuits is likely to be filed this week in the Moscow court by consulting lawyers of the leading law firms, Lex Borealis and National Legal Finance Group (NLF). As per reliable sources, Lex Borealis has agreed to provide legal support to the litigants and the NLF Group would cover the legal expenses in return for a chunk of potential compensation.

For the uninitiated, Apple had admitted last month to have deployed special algorithms to keep iPhones running at an optimal performance level, if there existed an older battery inside the phone that couldn’t match up with the required power. The deliberate attempt to slow down the performance of the older models is being increasingly referred to as “planned obsolescence” across the worldwide electronics and media market.

Speaking on the development, the managing partner of NLF Group Maksim Karpov was quoted stating that the firm is currently consulting a group of at least 10 complainants. He further stated that if there is a successful legal precedent, a large number of iPhone users would approach them in the immediate future and the firm would undertake the grievances of complainants in the provinces.

The latest lawsuits from Russia follow the backlash witnessed against Apple across the global electronics and media industry, with the company already facing a legal scrutiny in France. The tech behemoth has, however, claimed that slowing down the older iPhones was aimed at containing unexpected shutdowns and to ensure seamless functioning of devices.