Pharma giants caution UK government about Brexit impact on drug supply

Renowned pharma behemoths in the United Kingdom have apparently cautioned the members of the Parliament that the country’s withdrawal from the EU may have a negative impact on the drug supply in the region. According to authentic sources, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has also addressed its concerns to the UK government over the adverse effect of Brexit on the investments in the pharmaceutical sector of the country. One of the key officials of the BEIS (Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) committee has even proclaimed that the nation’s decision to exit from the EU will not only affect the drug costs but will also impact the accessibility of newly developed medical products.

Authentic sources claim that once the country makes its exit from the European Union, it would be difficult to avail the services of a highly skilled workforce. The ABPI has also advised the UK government over the possible disruption of drug supply chain activities due to Brexit. Apparently, ABPI believes that the exit is also likely to disrupt the medical research activities in the nation due to lack of material supply for gene and cell treatments.

As per reports, medical experts have allayed their concerns regarding UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU, stating that it would affect the country’s declaration of forming an alliance with the pharma firms to promote the life sciences sector. The ABPI also claims that nearly forty-five million of drug packages are exported from the UK to the European Union each month and approximately thirty-seven million of medicines are imported into the country from the EU. With the country’s exit from the EU membership, drug regulation, medicine delivery, and trading activities across Europe may nearly arrive to a standstill, say experts. It now remains to be seen how UK’s move may further impact global medicine delivery and trade.