Facebook’s pornography, terrorism and violence policies are leaked to the Guardian


Several important inner records related to Facebook’s porn and terrorism guidelines have lately been released by the significant English press The Guardian.

What are the principles? Customers have several wrong images and material up to the time frame in various Facebook or myspace material. The process of taking necessary actions regarding these images and material, the publish will be removed at any level.

Apart from this, customers can publish and can not post on Facebook; It is said in those records.

However, according to FB’s other staff, the Protector said that FB or myspace has failed to keep power over the dreadful items in terrorism and porn.

They found hundreds of training segments, excel spreadsheets and flow maps in released records. Those records include what will be the inner guidelines of myspace on the problems with assault, dislike comments, terrorism, porn and racial discrimination.

In the revealed records of Facebook or myspace interesting in terrible controversy about false news-pornography and terrorism, the social media’s inner control policy came in public for the new.

The Protector estimated a moderator not wanting to reveal FB’s name, they get 10 seconds to moderate someone’s post on their site. Besides, the number of FB or myspace customers grew even larger. And for these reasons, Facebook or myspace can not sustain power over the material.

Controlling material such as porn is the most difficult and complicated part of the Guardian’s papers. There is a rule to remove the complaint in a situation of naked pictures. But there is no such factor that all pictures can be removed. For example, Facebook removed after the publication a naked photo of a child injured by NAPAM bomber during the Vietnam war. But later Facebook accepted it again. In this situation, their guidelines have to be revised.