New York Governor launches fentanyl public awareness campaign

In a turning tide of events, the state of New York has taken an initiative to warn the local populace regarding the hazards of fentanyl. The state has commenced a public awareness campaign titled “Hidden Fentanyl Kills”, featuring ads and addressing the risks associated with the use of the opioid medicine. It is anticipated that the ads will be published both in Spanish as well as English language on social media, in buses, subway cars in the New York City, laundromats, on a wallscape in the Bronx, and Staten island ferry across the state of New York. As per reliable sources, the state administration will also provide information regarding where they could turn to for help and what could be possibly done in case of a drug overdose.

The drug awareness crusade is also expected to encourage the state residents to carry out the opioid overdose antidote naloxone for relatives, friends, or colleagues who are suffering due to the aftermath of fentanyl overdose. As per the state’s N-CAP program, the residents can avail low-cost or no-cost Naloxone at pharmacies across the state of New York. As a part of their health insurance coverage, people can receive nearly USD 40 for purchasing this life-saving medicine, while uninsured ones are expected to get Naloxone at no cost by registering with the state’s network.

The campaign is aimed at getting deadly drugs such as fentanyl off the New York streets and protect many communities across the state. The Governor of New York has stated that the fentanyl drug abuse has been affecting the residents of New York, and is rapidly engulfing the U.S. in its entirety. State officials have also apparently announced that the awareness campaign regarding the dangers of the addictive drug would help in saving the lives of millions.