Toronto Parks investigating capybaras sightings (PHOTO)

Animals Breaking out of the Zoo

The two capybaras who escaped zoo custody at the High Parks Zoo in Toronto may have been spotted. Unfortunately the spotting of the two escapees may have a tragic ending. The sightings of the two capybaras could be their remains having washed up in the river located at the east-end of the zoo.

A capybaras is a extremely large rodent indigenous to South American. The capybaras can reach weights of up to 140 lbs., and up to two feet high. It is not an endangered animal and often is hunted. Capybaras stay in packs sometimes from 20 to 100 other capybaras.

The two capybaras who escaped the High Parks Zoo were a father and son duo. They went missing a week ago and we’re dubbed Bonnie and Clyde after their disappearance. Officials were hopeful that they would turn up, alive and well.

Of course if it is true that the sightings are indeed the bodies of the two missing capybaras this creates a lot of questions surrounding their disappearance and how they escaped outside the zoo perimeter. Zoo officials will be looking into the perimeter security and also to verify if the reported sightings are indeed the missing bodies of the capybaras.

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