FNB becomes first RSA bank to launch biometric-driven mini-ATM

In what can be touted as a significant deployment move in the South Africa electronics & media industry, FNB, one of the biggest banks in the nation, has recently announced that it will be introducing a biometric ATM to allow customers to open an account using their thumb print as a means of validation.

Known as TouchPoint, the mini-ATM has been designed to match the user’s fingerprint data, in turn helping the bank to ensure that any fraudulent bank accounts are not created. Sources cite that the device also functions as a kiosk from which users can easily perform banking transactions including transfers, payments, withdrawals, purchase airtime, electricity, view statements and even perform card cancellations.

For the record, FNB, over the past decade has been pioneering efforts to spread out its banking services to underbanked communities by rolling out self-service digital platforms such as the ADTs (Automated Deposit Tellers) and mini-ATMs.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that the South African Bank had been trailing the ATM in Gauteng since November 2017. FNB also plans to place the mini ATM devices in several other branches, community retailers, and in the remote areas of South Africa. Within the time span of the forthcoming six months, FNB plans to introduce 50 Touchpoint devices in select townships, reveal authentic reports.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, Points of Presence CEO, FNB, was reported saying that the firm is offering a real social benefit by delivering banking to underserved areas. She further said that TouchPoint will allow the firm to further its collaborations with the regional small-scale businesses and enable affordable banking.

Industry experts deem that the use of biometric technology has become more pervasive in the life of the modern-day consumer, in turn accelerating the demand for biometric ATMs for banking services. FNB’s deployment move also marks an important step ahead in the growth of the regional ATM market.