Gemalto’s CABIS 7 to disrupt the product spectrum of biometrics market

Gemalto, the Amsterdam headquartered digital security firm, has made it to the headlines with the launch of a brand new biometric identification solution. As per experts, the company possibly aims to boost its position as a leader in global biometrics industry with the launch of CABIS 7 – its first major product upgrade since its acquisition with 3M Cogent.

For the record, CABIS 7 (Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System) is an identity management system designed to enable accuracy, speed, and efficiency in governmental and law enforcement agencies. The product is further incorporated with true multi-modal capability and the capacity to integrate fingerprint, palm print, face, iris and latent images. Experts claim that this technologically advanced upgrade in the product marks the company’s ambitious move to disrupt the global biometrics market.

Gemalto, the digital security specialist has also announced the launch of CABIS Core Cloud engine, thus widening the scope of Cogent’s flagship CABIS portfolio, with a flexible and scalable cloud architecture. This new cloud-based solution is expected to deliver speed and scale with enterprise-class security, that may cause quite a stir in the overall electronics and media industry.

For the initiated, earlier in 2017, Gemalto completed its acquisition with 3M Cogent – a fully owned subsidiary of 3M’s identity management business that specializes in biometrics technology for border control, civil ID, and law enforcement. The identity management business that 3M divested to Gemalto comprised three core areas: Biometric solutions (facial, iris, fingerprint, etc.); Document readers (scanners & chips); and Secure materials. Thus, by in-sourcing biometrics technology to its business, Gemalto with its CABIS 7 has made a significant move in accumulating a major portion of biometrics market share, cite analysts.

Reports state that the integration of Cogent’s biometric technology with Gemalto’s Government Programs is collectively to be known as Gemalto-Cogent for time being. In addition, industry analysts expect the technological integration of both the companies to further accelerate the deployment of trusted national identities services, thereby positively impacting the sales of biometrics industry.