Genomatica’s Brontide debuts in Europe specialty chemicals industry

The global bulk and specialty chemicals industry has recently witnessed a major announcement by Genomatica, one of the distributors of naturally sourced chemicals. The company has announced that Azelis, a leader in specialty chemicals distributor, will be responsible for the distribution of its patented Brontide butylene glycol – the award-winning naturally sourced personal care cosmetic ingredient in Europe. Incidentally, Azelis has already registered a widespread interest in Brontide among the European brands and will be supporting a considerable range of customers with this launch.

For the uninitiated, Brontide, produced by Genomatica, is a bio-based butylene glycol that is sourced from plant-based sugars using a sustainable fermentation-based process technology. This innovation has acquired high appeal in personal care application as the demand for natural ingredients has been growing in this sector. Sources state that Brontide has been importantly recognized across the bulk & specialty chemicals industry and has been awarded the ICIS Innovation Award.

As per reports, this collaboration between Genomatica with Azelis will increase the customer interest in Brontide as Azelis is a leading bulk & specialty chemicals industry distributor with 40,000 customers spread across 40 countries worldwide. This wide expanse of customers will provide technical and logistics support besides providing ample sales options to personal care product manufacturers in Europe who are looking to find naturally sourced alternatives to petroleum-based butylene glycol.

Apparently, Azelis has als been developing various personal care product formulations such as body sprays, hydra gels and sunscreen to test Brontide. The tests have received positive feedback for attributes such as viscosity, pH, scent and stability. Azelis Market Segment Director EMEA, Tony Craske has been quoted by reliable sources to be saying that Azelis has already witnessed strong interest for Genomatica’s Brontide as the customer base for natural ingredients has now multiplied manifold. He went on to add that Brontide is perfect example of the innovative technologies that Azelis delivers to its personal care partners.