Versarien and IAI’s collaboration to fuel graphene market growth

The UK-based advanced materials engineering firm, Versarien has recently announced its plans to collaborate with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a defense and aerospace company. Sources reveal that with this collaboration, Versarien plans to make use of IAI’s aerospace composite structures and develop its Nanene graphene nano-platelets technology.According to a company representative, Versarien will incorporate its graphene technology into IAI’s aerospace composite panels and would test and evaluate its functioning, with a view to develop commercial applications for the technology. For the uninitiated, IAI is a global leader in the defense market, bringing forth state-of-art technologies in the domains of air, land, sea, space, homeland security and surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance.

For the record, graphene exhibits exceptional heat and electricity conduction properties and is 200x stronger than steel. Technological advancements in this material have further exploited the application spectrum of graphene market right from nanocomposites to flexible touch screen devices, cite industry analysts.

Experts further predict Versarien’s agreement with IAI to be a significant step forward for its graphene business to expand in the bulk and specialty chemicals sector. Versarien’s graphene technology is expected to rapidly move the nanocomposites venture forward and produce a range of innovative products that is expected to disrupt graphene market as well as the aerospace composites industry.

Reportedly, Versarien also takes ownership of the Nanene technology that is expected to provide superior thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties in comparison to a conventional polymer composites. For the record, Versarien has already established quite a powerful presence in graphene market. Prior records apparently demonstrate that this firm has been establishing tie-ups with renowned companies for quite a while to sustain its position in the business amidst the fierce competition prevalent in graphene industry. Reports clarify that in 2016, Varsarien announced its partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group to work together in the production of power storage devices such as supercapacitors and batteries.

In latest stock trading, Versarien shares went up by 7.7% at 17.78 pence.