How to Survive World War 3

Even if you can’t stop war, you can always be your own hero. In case nukes and terrorist attacks are just on the horizon, here’s a brief guide on how to survive World War 3.

Surviving World War 3: Preparing for the Worst

Secure Your Finances

People need to be proactive in looking for ways on how to survive World War 3. If war threats keep on arising, make sure that you are extra prepared by securing your finances. Aside from looking for alternative sources of income, always keep extra cash on your pocket so you can access food, water and shelter in case war breaks out. If you can, use credit cards when you shop for goods so you won’t run low on cash.

Keep an Eye on Your Overall Health

Surviving calamities, wars and other life-threatening situations require overall health and fitness. If you aren’t in good shape, your chance for survival dramatically lessens, especially since escaping danger is often associated with physical, mental and emotional stress.

Inspect Your Vicinity

Assess your current location. Is it safe to stay within your vicinity or do you need to evacuate? If, for instance, war-related threats are present in your area, create a plan of escape.

Also, identify risk factors before you travel. Become more pro-active by reading reliable news and survival guides. If travelling poses more threats to you and your family, wait until it is safer to look for an evacuation center.

Stock on Your Necessities

Stocking on food, water, medicines and emergency tools is vital for survival, especially if your country is actively participating in the war. Whether you are in dangerous location or not, always secure your basic needs by shopping for food items that may not be accessible once war begins. Also, don’t forget to grab some potassium iodide pills so you can protect yourself from harmful radiation.

Keep Your Trunk Ready

Always keep spare clothes and food items on your trunk so you can travel to a safer location once an emergency arises. Also, don’t forget to bring a map. Tune in to reliable news as you travel so you can successfully identify safer escape routes.

Lastly, Designate Roles

The family that works together survives together. When crisis arises, always designate important roles to the older members of the household. This way, you can divide your work and create a better plan of escape.

How to survive World War 3? One word: Preparation. By holistically preparing yourself and your family, you can win over the biggest battles.



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