Denso launches new R&D facility in automotive industry

One of the most renowned suppliers of advanced technologies, systems, and components in the global automotive and transportation industry, Denso Corporation, has reportedly announced that it is planning to inaugurate a new R&D facility in the Minato-ku region of Tokyo. The new office, according to sources, will commence from April 2018, and will be conducting research & development activities on automated driving, connected vehicles and advanced driver assistance.

Reports reveal that Denso will relocate some part of the R&D functions that are currently carried out in its existing Tokyo office and its headquarters in Aichi Prefecture to the new R&D facility of Minato-ku. The company is also likely to expand its staff to speed up its R&D capabilities by 2020. Industry analysts further speculate that Denso’s core mission of expanding research in ADAS & automated driving will prove beneficial for the expansion of the regional automotive electronics market.

The new R&D unit is expected to join forces with several research institutes, universities, start-ups, and other players in automotive electronics industry to develop advanced technologies and products, cite reliable sources.

In other news, earlier this week, Denso announced that it has developed a new vision sensor that is designed to detect cyclists, pedestrians, road signs, and other similar objects alongside roads during nighttime.

It has been reported that the new vision sensor allows the vehicles to automatically activate emergency braking on identifying an obstacle, in turn helping to reduce accident rates. With this innovative breakthrough, Denso is further expected to consolidate its position in the regional automotive and transportation industry.

For the record, Denso is a major automotive supplier of advanced technologies in the arenas of powertrain control, thermal, electronics & information and safety. The company employs nearly 140,000 staff and has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 different countries & regions. It has been reported that Denso, in FY2017, spent over 9% of its global consolidated sales on research and development.