Keeping Camping Bugs Away

Camping calls for serious bug sprays. However, since you are out in the wilderness, nasty bugs can steal away your good night’s sleep. As a complete guide on keeping camping bugs away, below are some of the top tips straight from professional campers.

Dispose Garbage Properly

You’d actually be surprised with how much waste you’d be able to accumulate once you are out on your trails. Sadly, you can’t get rid of bugs if your camping site looks like a dumpsite. While food scraps attract ants, soda cans attract bees within your camping area even if honeycombs are not visible within your area.

Getting rid of camping bugs is easy: bring a garbage bag and throw away your waste at the site’s designated garbage area. Also, don’t clean fish while you are in the campsite as this will attract more bugs. Always leave no trail and never eat inside your tent so bugs won’t pester you later on.

Keep Fragrances Off

If you want to avoid flying insects, leave your scented moisturizers, perfumes and lotions at home. Many insects are attracted to fragrances, so make sure you are not giving them a chance to follow you trails.

Apply Insect Repellants

For obvious reasons, it’s useless to spray insecticides on your camping site. However, you can always apply an insect repellant on your skin so you can deter insects as you camp out in the wilderness. If you are allergic to sprays, lather on lavender lotions as these have natural repelling properties. Don’t forget to re-apply as formulas like these usually last for a limited amount of time.

Invest in the Right Clothes

Wearing long-sleeves and pants doesn’t always help in keeping camping bugs away since there are insects that can bite through garments. If you are really worried about camping bugs, invest in clothes that were designed with insect-repelling properties. Or better yet, buy an insect-repelling wash so you can use your old clothes without spending a fortune on specialized clothing.

Keep Lighting Away

It’s difficult to camp without bringing a lighting device. Nonetheless, since bugs are attracted to bright lights, you have to be careful on where you place your lanterns. If you need lighting, make sure it is positioned away from your tent or your sitting area.

Pack Citronella Candles

Fortunately, a lot of candles nowadays are infused with citronella—a natural insect-repelling oil. While surrounding your campsite with citronella candles may not be enough to get rid of all the camping bugs, it can help lessen the bugs that infest the area.

Getting rid of bugs is essential in bidding goodbye to a traumatic camping experience. Don’t let bugs steal away your presence of mind; invest in bug-repelling solutions and always keep your area clean. This way, keeping camping bugs away can be as easy as counting 1 to 3.



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