Top Camping Hacks that are Pure Genius

Campfire sessions, grilled barbeques and a pail of full of beer–these are only some of the reasons why camping is such an unforgettable experience. However, it is no secret that camping also opens you to a lot of unpleasant surprises. Aside from the mosquito bites, cleaning up after dinner is almost always a part of the package. Nonetheless, with the help of some of these top camping hacks, you can bid goodbye to the bad and completely embrace everything good about camping.

Pack Microfiber Towels

Is it your turn to clean up the dining tables? Don’t worry! As long as you have microfiber towels at hand, you can effortlessly wipe those tables clean. Compact and easy-to-store, these towels can dry up before you know it.

Store Your Cooking Condiments in Tic-Tac Boxes

As the old adage goes, always pack light. However, you don’t really want to sacrifice those sumptuous meals, do you? Well, you can always bring a part of your kitchen with you without carrying bulky items. Just store your condiments in tic-tac boxes, and you are good to go! And oh, don’t forget to put a label on them too!

Invest in Silicone Drinking Cups

Let’s face it: Plastic cups are not really a friend to Mother Nature. Whether you are eco-friendly or not, investing in silicone cups is one of the greatest camping advice you can get. Unbreakable and re-usable, these cups can easily be squeezed into your luggage.

Keep an Outdoor Toiletry Kit

An outdoor toiletry kit is essential for every camper. If you’re not really a fan of toiletry kits, you can always keep your shampoos and liquid soaps handy by clipping them to a separate lanyard.

Pack a Bundle of Sage

Sage is a natural insect repellant. If your lotions and sprays aren’t doing the magic trick, make sure to pack a bundle of sage and throw them to the campfire.

Wrap Duct Tape around Your Water Bottles

You won’t really know when a duct tape can come handy, so make sure to wrap it around your water bottle the next time you go out on a camping trip.

Keep Ants Away from Your Table

To get rid of ants, put a tray full of water under each table leg. Also, don’t forget to always cover your food. You’d never know when bees or wasps would visit your dining table.

Cover Your Shoes with Beeswax

The greatest camping advice shoe lovers can get—cover your shoes with beeswax so it can resist unwanted leaks and watermarks.

Create an Easy-to-Do DIY Lantern

You don’t really need to bring a lantern to keep your area well-lit. Just strap your head light around your water jug, and voila! You’d have an instant luminescent lamp.

Pack Foils

Before we end our top camping hacks, let me remind you to always pack tin foils. As long as you have your magical tin foil at hand, you can effortlessly cook everything under fire.

Enjoyed our top camping hacks? Try them out on your next camping escapade and say ‘hello’ to an unforgettable camping experience!