Man killed by falling tree Branch at Toronto Park

Man killed by tree

The City of Toronto and the police are investigating the death of a man  night in Trinity Bellwoods Park in downtown Toronto. He was killed by a falling tree branch.

The tragedy occurred at 7:15 p.m near the entrance of the park that overlooks the Queen Street West near Strachan Avenue.

Police said the man in his 30’s and from France was sitting under the tree with his wife when the branch fell.

Witnesses told police he tried to protect his wife, but according to Scott Villers, of the Toronto police, the man was struck in the head by the branch.

Witnesses said several people rushed to try to resuscitate him until the ambulance arrived a few minutes later, but in vain. His death was observed at 7:30 pm

“A true tragedy”

Michael Patterson was in the park where he waited for a friend when he heard the branch break. He says the time going to the site, rescuers were already trying to revive the victim.

“It was a difficult scene. I saw the wife and tried to console her,” he said. “I didn’t really understand what was happening but I tried to remove her from what she was seeing.”

He said he stayed with the woman until police arrived and asked to leave unless he is a relative of the couple.

He believes that the police then informed the woman of the death of her husband, because he heard screaming.

“I’ve never heard a scream like that before … the first responders did their best, but I hope I never hear a scream like that again.”

“I’m sure they were just here in Trinity Bellwoods like anyone in Toronto would be, just trying to enjoy a Friday night, and it’s an absolute tragedy,” he said.

The branch broke for no apparent reason

Scott Villers told that 16-year police career he had never seen it. Bystanders were also extremely upset by the accident.

Ilene Shioguchi was at a picnic table in the park with friends when the tragedy happened right before his eyes.

“It was so sad. The wife was screaming and crying and everyone at the park was watching,” she said.

She added that the tree seemed healthy and there were a lot of green leaves on it.

Another park-goer remarked that there was no wind or other obvious factor that might have caused the branch to break.

“I can understand if it’s wintertime with ice on the tree, but this is summertime and that’s a healthy looking branch,” said Arttanheru Tsesura, who was nearby when it happened.

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