Apple accomplishes tag of being 100% powered by renewable energy

In a recent announcement, tech behemoth Apple reportedly stated that the company, at present, is being powered entirely by renewable energy sources. Incidentally, Apple has been working towards this goal for approximately the last ten years and has been strengthening its position by buying green energy bonds and investing in other renewable resources.

For the record, the company’s previous milestone in renewable energy industry was two years ago when Apple announced that 93% of its worldwide operations are using clean energy.

The announcement has been made on the heels of Google’s declaration about purchasing renewable energy to offset its energy consumption on a global basis. Apple’s global operations are not technically 100% renewable. Suppliers located in China and elsewhere with no access to clean energy do not operate on energy created by wind or solar farms, claim reports.

Apparently, as there is no way to ascertain the energy source of electricity once it enters the grid, Apple purchases Renewable Energy Certificates and invests in wind, solar and other clean energy facilities. Through this arrangement, Apple has ensured that all new offices and plants such as the Apple Park Campus, run on clean energy, thereby contributing its bit toward renewable energy industry growth, say experts.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who is known for being an ardent supporter of renewable energy industry expansion, declared in a statement that the company is committed to leaving the world a better place than what it is. He added that Apple will continue to push boundaries with its own recyclable materials, facilities, and suppliers to establish new and creative sources of renewable energy.

Presently, Apple has 25 renewable energy projects that are fully operational and have 626 megawatts of generation capacity. It is being speculated that 15 other projects are under construction, the completion of which will generate 1.4 gigawatts of power across 11 countries.