The largest earthquakes ever recorded

There were numerous earthquakes all over the world, many of them are actually happening all the time, but only a select few have managed to surpass the 8 or 9 degree in magnitude. Which does make you wonder, which were the largest earthquakes ever?

Chile, 1960

This particular earthquake had around 9.5 in magnitude and many consider it to be one of the most powerful ones in recent history. It took place at 5 AM and it was a very damaging earthquake and a really powerful one at that. If you have even the slightest interest in finding out more about Earthquakes, it’s pretty safe to say that this one was and still is a reference point even 60+ years afterwards.

1964 Great Alaska Earthquake

With a magnitude of 9.2, the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake is also one of the most powerful earthquakes ever. People were very afraid by this earthquake, especially since it took place at around 3 AM, right in the middle of the night.

Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra

Even if it took place in the middle of the day in 2004, this earthquake had 9.1 in magnitude and it took everyone by surprise. Despite that, it’s still one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded and one that will impress you with its value and quality.

Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

This is a 2011 earthquake that had around 9.0 in magnitude. It clearly shows that earthquakes can appear at any given time and unfortunately they can be very devastating. One thing is certain, this particular earthquake was very powerful and numerous replicates appeared at that time. It’s also one of the few 9.0 degree earthquakes out there.


It took place in 1952 and it was one of the few 9.0 degree earthquakes in the world. Even though it took place more than 60 years ago, it did have a lot of repercussions, which is why a lot of people are afraid to move to Kamchatka even nowadays.

Offshore Maule, Chile

Offshore Maule, Chile was home to a massive earthquake that had a magnitude of 8.8 in 2010. It’s important to note that this earthquake did come with a large number of casualties, something that was unfortunately very hard to avoid since it did appear out of nowhere at 2 AM.

Off the Coast of Ecuador

The Off the Coast of Ecuador earthquake listed here took place in 1902 and it’s one of the oldest ones in this list. It had a magnitude of 8.8 and it seems to have been one of the most powerful earthquakes in Ecuador.

Yes, some Earthquakes can be very powerful and this is why it’s really hard to figure out how you can prepare against them. Even if humanity tries to prepare against this type of problem, dealing with them can be very frustrating, which is why we have to do all in our power in order to eliminate the issues and deal with them as fast as possible!

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