IBM announces open sourcing of its Mac@IBM provisioning software code

The New York-based IT giant IBM has reportedly announced that it is open sourcing its Mac@IBM provisioning code. As per trusted sources, the announcement was made at the Jamf Nation User Conference in Minneapolis.

Reportedly, the decision allows other businesses to provision Macs by utilizing similar architecture and offer a great experience with Mac products to their partners and employees. However, the number of third parties that may seek to adopt the Mac@IBM-based software code remains unknown as of now, cite sources.

Companies utilizing Mac@IBM could gather more data about their employees while performing macOS setups. At the same time, employees can reportedly customize their enterprise enrollment by choosing selected apps or bundles of apps to install, including various related titles.

A report published by ZDNet quoted IBM’s Chief Information Officer Fletcher Previn stating that the Mac@IBM enrollment app is a result of the company’s efforts over three years to create one of the industry’s foremost Mac@IBM program.

Previn further added that the application makes it easier for IT departments of various firms to respond to the needs of employees and facilitates the setting up of macOS with Jamf Pro, an enterprise Apple device management program, more seamless for users.

Jamf claimed that its software will be utilized to manage the Apple devices of SAP, cite trusted sources.

For the record, IBM and Apple have been partners for several years since they revealed plans to develop iOS applications for other businesses. Since then, the co-operation between both the firms has only strengthened with Apple extending the deployment of Mac at IBM in the year 2008.

Sources privy to the development claim that IBM and Apple had announced in the early months of this year that they would jointly introduce in-app machine learning capabilities via IBM’s Watson technology and Apple’s Core ML platform.