Wildlife Professionals on Moose Protection in Manitoba


A group representing wildlife professionals has made an appeal to the Manitoba Government to do more in the protection of the province’s declining moose population. According to CTV News, the Wildlife Society Manitoba Chapter, in an open letter to the Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister last month, state that there has been a decline in the moose population from over 45,000 to a current 20,000.


The group has also applauded recent bans that have been imposed in specific areas, but goes ahead to state that there is a need for a comprehensive conservation strategy for the whole province.


According to CBS News, the open letter asked for a strategy for co-operation between indigenous and licensed harvesters. The group stated that the moose population is in serious decline to the point where the population is no longer viable. Hunting was pointed out as the main cause for the declining numbers. However, disease and predators also play a role in the decline.


According to Mr. Jack Dubois, Manitoba Chapter of the Wildlife Society’s Conservation Affairs Committee co-chair, the moose population is considered a symbol of the health of the ecosystem of Manitoba.

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