Massachusetts sues Purdue Pharma & its executives over Opioid crisis

The U.S. State of Massachusetts has filed a litigation against Purdue Pharma L.P., a pharmaceutical giant, over manufacturing OxyContin, a semisynthetic opioid synthesized from thebaine, leading to opioid crisis. Reportedly, it has become the first state in the country to target the officials of the pharma company.

Authentic sources cite that Maura T. Healey, Attorney General of Massachusetts, has filed a legal suit against Purdue Pharma and its former & current executives as well as the board members of the firm. The litigation has also been filed against Craig Landau, CEO of Purdue Pharma, and members of the Sackler family.

Purdue Pharma has been accused of providing false information to physicians and patients over the risks associated with opioid consumption. The lawsuit further claims that the company “peddled falsehoods” and sold more medicines to generate profits claiming opioids such as OxyContin to be safe.

Healey has further stated that the legal enquiry entails the pharmaceutical firm to be involved in the enterprise marketing of opioids carried out under the guidance of 16 current as well as former directors & officials of the company.

According to Healey, over the last ten years, more than 670 people in Massachusetts died on account of the prescribed opioids. Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker was quoted stating that Purdue Pharma will be forced to accept the devastation it has set in, now that a lawsuit is in place.

However, last month, the State department of Public Health has conveyed that the deaths due to opioid overdose in the state were declining rapidly.

In response to the Massachusetts legal suit, Purdue Pharma stated that the company will continue to co-operate with the states and bring a justifiable solution to the problem. However, the firm denied the accusations made by the Attorney General and emphasized that it would prepare a good, strong defense against the legal claims.