Microsoft & Razer to launch mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One

Microsoft has reportedly announced a collaboration with the gaming hardware manufacturer Razer to launch the keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One, aiming to deliver the best experience to gamers. Microsoft’s executive vice-president of Gaming, Phil Spencer had seemingly indicated that MKB support for Xbox One was imminent, more than three years back.

Director of Program Management for Xbox Platform, Jason Ronald, was quoted saying that the company would only enable keyboard and mouse support on the device for select Xbox Insiders in the upcoming weeks. The support of mouse and keyboard for games would be up to the developers’ choices completely, will be added on a title-by-title basis, and the use of mouse and keyboard is not enabled by default for games, he added.

Experts believe the feature update could be out before the holiday season, as the sources at Microsoft have said that all other details about the supported hardware and games would be revealed in their November 10 edition of Inside Xbox.

The technology company has allegedly confirmed Warframe to be one of the supported games but is still to reveal the rest of the list. Citing reliable sources, consumers could hope that games like Fortnite, Overwatch, as well as Microsoft’s upcoming games like Halo 6 and Gears of War 5 could receive support, as this move could further advance cross-platform play.

Ronald insisted that all the development teams know best about the gaming title they work on and Microsoft supports the developers in creating the right experience for ensuring a fair and favorable gaming experience.

Apparently, most of the wired and wireless USB mice and keyboards could be plug-and-play as the Xbox One platform is Windows-based. Microsoft is officially partnering with Razer to launch Xbox-branded peripherals and the consumers will most likely see the popular Windows key to be replaced with an Xbox key on the new official keyboards, claim sources.