Microsoft & C3 IoT team up for scaling AI & IoT across enterprises

Microsoft Corporation and C3 IoT, a leading IoT & AI software platform provider have reportedly signed a joint venture to offer new technologies and go-to-market programs for IoT and enterprise AI applications. The collaboration is expected to help both the firms develop a best fit solution including a low-code & highly proficient PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) for enhancing IoT & AI across myriad organizations.

The C3 IoT tool is likely to run on Microsoft Azure – a cloud computing solution developed by Microsoft for managing applications & services via a global system of Microsoft managed data centers.

As per authentic sources, the two firms will jointly conduct strategies that would help scale distribution on a global basis in addition to imparting training for teams to improve customer’s time-to-value. The strategic association between the two tech giants will help clients develop and deploy AI based solutions for optimization of Dynamic Inventory, Customer Relationship Management, Precision Healthcare, and AI predictive maintenance.

Judson Althoff, Executive VP of Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft, stated that Artificial Intelligence is one of the transformative systems with its ability of empowering firms, nations, and governments to be more productive and efficient. Microsoft’s partnership with C3 IoT will raise the efficiency of AI based services delivered in integration with the cloud computing service.  He further added that C3 IoT’s technical expertise and strong relationships with customers is likely to boost the expansion of AI based solutions.

Reportedly, the C3 IoT tool can be easily accessible on Microsoft Azure and is combined with a number of Azure solutions encompassing Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure IoT Hub. Thomas Siebel, the CEO of C3 IoT, is of the view that the firm’s partnership with Microsoft will spur the large-scale acceptance of IoT technology, elastic cloud computing services, and AI systems across the globe. He believes that the strategic move will help in bringing about a digital transformation in the world of information & software technology.