Microsoft’s HoloLens debuts in Singapore electronics & media industry

Having garnered immense success for two years in the U.S. and Canadian markets, Microsoft has now launched its holographic headsets HoloLens in Singapore. This Windows 10 operated holographic computer is now available across forty-one countries comprising Singapore, say reports.

As of now, there are two editions of HoloLens including the Commercial Suite and Developer Edition that have been launched in Singapore. Microsoft also revealed the market value of these two configurations – the Commercial Suite is available at a higher cost than the Developer Edition. Those products can be ordered from the Microsoft Store, the company added.

Post the launch of the product in Singapore, the general manager for Windows & Device at Microsoft APAC, Ms. Jacqui Miranda stated that the firm has been able to launch HoloLens in Singapore owing to developers, interested parties, and customer service support.

Speaking on the HoloLens, the company added that some of the features are only available in higher versions of the Commercial Suite. Controlled OS Updates, mobile device management, and data security & access management are some of the features included in the expensive versions.

According to reliable sources, currently, Microsoft is looking forward to target customers who are focusing on 3D solutions. In response, it has been focusing on education, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. The tech giant had also declared that in March 2018, its Lab on wheels program collaborated with IMDA to launch a media themed bus. Through such learning programs, the awareness regarding innovative media technologies would increase manifold, the company added.

Microsoft claims that with the help of mixed reality HoloLens, nurses and doctors would be able to obtain maximum knowledge as well, about numerous medical treatments including asthma and anaphylaxis.

The head of Microsoft Singapore’s Windows and Device Business Group, Ms. Veronica Chiu stated that mixed reality has the potential to perform operations that hadn’t earlier been possible for businesses and customers. She further added that this device would become helpful for businesses and their employees to accomplish complex tasks in a much more efficient and safe manner.