Nintendo builds smartphone game operations into a billion-yen business

Nintendo Company Limited, a consumer electronics & video game firm headquartered in Japan, is most likely to deploy gaming concepts from the Pokémon Company to develop smartphone game operations. If reports are to be believed, the firm aims to build up smartphone game operations into a business worth USD 910 million.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the pending President of Nintendo, claims that the firm will be majorly expanding its operations in the smartphone gaming sector. Reports state that the Kyoto-based firm has accumulated considerable revenue in recent times, with consolidated sales being doubled to nearly 1 trillion yen by the March end of this year. The operating revenue of the firm apparently jumped six-fold by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Nintendo has entered the smartphone gaming market as recently as 2016 and has not launched a particularly higher number of games till date. The firm has accrued profits of nearly 39.3 billion yen from the sale of the games during 2017, which is only 4% of the company’s overall revenue. Nintendo aims to shift its priority from being just a switch console-handheld hybrid manufacturer toward the smartphone mobile gaming business.

The classic game characters in the smartphone game titles such as “Super Mario Run” introduced by the firm can now have their adventures on smart devices. In fact, the Japanese consumer electronics firm had actually been inspired from “Pokemon Go” – the AR title conceived by Niantic Inc., a U.S. headquartered software development firm.

Nintendo has listed Cygames Inc., a video game development studio set up by CyberAgent, for creating a title for the smartphone game after it announced its partnership with the latter last month. Nintendo’s outgoing President Tatsumi Kimishima has asserted that Pokemon has indeed become a true realization for Nintendo’s smartphone gameplay & story. Analysts believe that this strategic move will help Nintendo carve out its own position in the overall gaming industry over the coming years.