Microsoft unveils new Virtual Desktop that runs Windows on Azure cloud

Renowned multinational tech giant Microsoft Corporation has reportedly announced the launch of the Windows Virtual Desktop – a service that runs virtual instances of Windows and Office on the Azure cloud. Reports cite, the service provides free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates and is also optimized for the Office 365 ProPlus.

Reportedly, the Windows Virtual Desktop would be offering a multi-user support that would allow several users to simultaneously log into a Windows 10 virtual machine remotely. This feature distinguishes the Windows Virtual Desktop from other cloud-based virtual machines as it is the only virtual machine that can support multiple users.

According to a press release by Microsoft, companies require a comprehensive virtualized desktop experience to fulfil specific business needs. Virtualization ensures strict adherence to regulations, easier access to corporate data, and secure handling of the sensitive company data.

However, deploying and managing a virtual environment is a very expensive and complex affair. Reportedly, the new Windows Virtual Desktop aims to resolve some of these complexities to make virtualization hassle free.

Microsoft claims that Office and Windows on the Azure cloud can be deployed through the new service within a few minutes. Moreover, the compliance and security support are a big plus point for a plethora of businesses, cite sources.

For the record, the new service offers several benefits including deep integration with Microsoft 365’s security and management which provides data loss prevention, conditional access and integrated management to protect apps and data. It also encompasses flexibility in virtualization that allows both apps and desktops to be virtualized i.e. granting users access to the entire desktop or just some role-specific apps and quicker scalability by allowing virtual machines to utilize Azure for computation, storage, connection brokering, advanced networking and rich diagnostics.

The service was reportedly designed to be extended via the Azure marketplace with many leading Microsoft partners like CloudJumper, Citrix, FSLogix, Liquidware, ThinPrint, People Tech Group and Lakeside Software. Microsoft will organize a public preview of the new service later this year.