Quisitive partners with Jumptuit to build blockchain data exchange

Pure-play Microsoft cloud partner Quisitive has reportedly teamed up with SaaS provider Jumptuit. As per trusted sources, the duo will be building a solution based on blockchain technology to help organizations manage subscription tracking and search in Microsoft Azure.

Quisitive will offer back-end blockchain solutions that will enable Jumptuit to help businesses track and manage entitlement access to their data across different business units, the companies stated.

According to sources with the knowledge of the matter, the current solution being offered by Jumptuit can stitch together a user’s different cloud properties that may have data stored on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Dropbox. Reportedly, the solution then utilizes AI expertise of Microsoft to carry out sophisticated search requests.

Scotty Perkins, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation at Quisitive, was reportedly quoted stating that Jumptuit was looking for a way to manage access and permission to carry out sophisticated searches for businesses. Microsoft recommended the name of Quisitive as the company is its premier partner in blockchain space, Perkins added.

Reportedly, solutions of Quisitive will offer users access to a business’s information assets and track its activity.

Don Leka, Founder and CEO of Jumptuit, was quoted saying that Quisitive’s expertise in blockchain paired with Jumptuit’s relationship with Microsoft would prove to be an ideal choice to power the integration of the solution. It will enable users to link their multiple cloud and information services together that will help Jumptuit securely provide relevant data insights, Leka added.

For the record, the expertise of Jumptuit lies in delivering relevant data to users on the go on their mobile or wearable devices. The company’s artificial intelligence technology includes natural language processing, machine learning, and blockchain that enables swift and secure detection of photos, documents, audio, and video files.

Blockchain technology is still considered new, mainly for entitlement management. However, Quisitive wants its customers to be aware of the technology and its availability to create production solutions, cite sources.