Molecular breast imaging proved successful for early cancer detection

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester has reportedly developed molecular breast imaging (MBI), a medical equipment that can accurately detect breast cancer in females possessing dense breast tissues. Radiologists apparently claim that it is difficult to examine breast cancer in women possessing dense breast tissues through monthly self-breast examination, clinical breast testing, and mammography. Physicians though, are of the opinion that MBI is proving more reliable for accurate breast cancer screening over mammograms.

As per authentic sources, nearly eight women at the Mayo clinic in Rochester have made use of the MBI technology since its launch a few days ago. Physicians have declared successful outcomes due to the use of the advanced technology on women, as results depict that some of the women were diagnosed quicker than expected.

According to medical experts, molecular breast imaging makes use of a different kind of imaging technique, in which a small quantity of radioactive material is injected into the vein of the patient, which them makes its way toward highly active breast cancer tissue cells. Radiologists have also observed a significant difference between the physics & technology used in MBI and mammography.

Reports cite that doctors have found the detection rate of breast cancer through molecular breast imaging technology to be higher as compared to mammography. According to authentic sources, medical professionals can identify 12 to 13 breast cancers per thousand women detected with dense breast tissues through MBI screening as compared to just five cancer cases per thousand women detected via mammography.

Research provides evidence to the fact that MBI has increased the early identification of breast cancer by over 250%. Experts across the medical fraternity, cite reports, predict that the molecular breast imaging technology will lay the foundation for new technological inventions to detect and treat breast cancer in the future. Furthermore, it has also been stated that the new MBI technology has indeed given a ray of hope to both the doctors as well as patients for effective cure of breast cancer.